Organic Garlic Seed Farm


About the Farm

The Organic Garlic Seed Farm is located on fertile creek-side farmland in the Williams Valley of sunny Southern Oregon. We are nestled in the foothills of the wild Siskiyou Mountains in a small rural community of farmers, ranchers, and homesteaders. The Garlic Farm grew out of our farm family's desire to grow high quality garlic seed for our customers while supporting our family, the land, and the wild creatures that also call our valley home. Ryan Dolan and Liz Tree of L&R Family Farm,started this part of our farming venture in 2006 to help make our vision of a sustainable rural farm business possible.

L&R Farm was started by Liz and Ryan in 2002 in Williams, Oregon. After a decade of farming in Northern California’s breadbasket, we moved to Oregon  to raise our family. We grow a diverse mix of vegetables for the Siskiyou Cooperative CSA (link), as well as organic vegetable seeds, grass fed beef and more. The farm is certified Organic and Salmon Safe by Oregon Tilth.