Organic Garlic Seed Farm

High Quality Certified Organic Seed Garlic From our Family Farm to Yours!

Mid-season. German Red is one of our most beautiful and dependable hardnecks.  It is a strong flavored rocambole-type garlic that reliably produces large white and purple heads. German Red is a popular variety that is easy to grow and easy to peel.  Sure to be a favorite in your fields and on your table.  Grows particularly well in colder regions of the country.

Chesnok Red


Mid Season harvest. Chesnok Red is our favorite hardneck on the farm. It is a consistent high-yielder with beautiful red/purple striped skin, large firm heads, and a great long lasting flavor. A great baking garlic that is also easy to peel. Beautiful on the farmer’s market stand! Chesnok does great around the nation, including areas with cold winters. Chesnok Red stores 4-6 months.

German Red


 Our Farm with a real nice cover crop!

Big Changes on our site! We are only shipping orders of 10 pounds, or more, of each variety @ $12 per pound. If you would like to make an order call Liz at 541-846-0602. We will take your order on the phone. Please bare with us as we reconstruct this web site. (After all we are farmers, not web designers.)

Chilean Silverskin


Late Season Harvest.  This is our newest offering on the website.  It is a beautiful pure white garlic, and is consistently large and uniform.  It is also a great keeper that lasts up to 10 months. Very productive.

Persian Star


A unique purple striped hardneck, Persian Star is one of the more visually beautiful garlics. It has a rich spicy gourmet flavor, and is easy to peel. It also has an unusual early season low-growing habit, which makes it hardier in cold winter climates than many others. Very large and productive!  A true beauty on the market stand. Stores 5-6 months.  

Siberian Red


Mid Season harvest. This large-bulbed purple striped garlic originated in Siberia. It is an extremely attractive variety. It grows strong plants, with just a few very large cloves that are easy to peel. The clove skins are dark brown in color with creamy white insides. Siberian Red has a strong hot flavor, loves cold weather, and also does well in our mild climate. Siberian Red is a medium storage variety.